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Thanks you lovely lot

This hair saved me time. It is very soft and doesn’t tangle while braiding. I have ordered this hair multiple times. I ordered the hair during the night and got it the next day.


Very easy to use. The strands didn't tangle at all while Iwas working with it. There was a little less texture than I was expecting, but it turned out well because it gave my daughter's hair a very polished look. There was a good amount of hair in each pack, so I didn't end up using as much as I thought I would. If you need more volume though, get something more textured. But if you want good color and manageable this will do.

Kadian Gidden

Nice hair, price is great! I just hated all of the thick plastic strands that were in the bundles. Overall, hair is good!

Debbie Phillips

The hair is soft my daughter braided it for me but the trick is to immerse the hair in hot water and it makes even more soft for the size braids I have she only used 3 of the five packs and ladies it’s light not heavy at all I love this

Tam Sam

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